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Clyst St Mary PTFA Meeting Minutes

PTFA meeting 7th May 2014


Clare Werry, Louise Herbert, Trupti Desai, Gemma Rolstone, Ellie Wilkinson, Gill Clavey, Carole Price.


Steph Maynard, Joanne Jewell, Katie Harrison, Mirjam Koopmans, Cathy Jermey.

Review of sponsored walk

£965 sponsor money was raised - this impressive sum was even higher than last year and there is still some money to be collected. It was agreed that a gift for each child who raised money (plus a gift voucher for the child who raised the most money) helped the total!

Future events

  1. Bag2School - Monday 12th May - a reminder will be sent out with the Friday Flyer - this scheme raised over £200 the last time a collection was made (with a total of just under £600 for the previous three collections)
  2. Grounds Day - 18th May - a reminder letter will be sent out to parents with a request for tools to be brought in and a trailer to be borrowed to take waste to local tip. Louise will liaise with Kate who will provide food from the village shop. Paul Clavey will run the barbecue.
  3. SATs breakfast - PTFA will pay for breakfast for year 6 pupils. This helps provide a good calm start to testing days.
  4. Laptop provision - fifteen Microsoft Surface Pros have now been bought for the school by PTFA - each has been security marked and will be set up after the half-term holiday. The cost was less than expected: £7,140. Friday 23rd May (end of school day) has been suggested as a good day to take a photo of pupils, staff and PTFA members with the laptops. This can then be sent out with a letter to parents letting everyone know about this exciting purchase! A charging unit is still needed and it was agreed that this cost (£800) would be covered by the money raised by the sponsored walk.
  5. Summer Fête - will be on Sunday, 29th June, so put this down in your diaries! We'll discuss the Summer Fête in more detail at the next meeting. (So far, Carole has sourced some lovely prizes for the raffle; Ellie is in charge of organising jam jar decorating - possibly Friday June 13th - jars being collected from now; Gemma has collected lots of items for the Silent Auction and is planning on approaching more businesses; the school governors are providing a Mad Hatter's tea party; Clare looking into the possibility of insurance to enable us to offer pony rides.
  6. Art Week - week beginning 16th June - £500 funding is needed from PTFA and Clare is going to check balance to see if this is possible.
  7. Reading Scheme for classes three and four needs to be updated. This is a huge expense of up to £4000; Louise asked the PTFA for £500 to add to the £700 being provided by the school to make a start at providing new books. This was approved with money raised by the fete to be used once available.

Next meeting

Wednesday, June 4th, 7.30, Half MoonInn - planning meeting for the summer fete - please come along and help raise funds!

PTFA Meeting 20 November 2013


Carole Price (Chair), Katie Harrison, Claire Ward, Cathy Jermey, Trupti Desai (Co-Secretary), Steph Maynard, Mirjam Koopmans, Clare Werry (Co-Treasurer), Gemma Rolstone, Kirsten Cleveland (Co-Treasurer)


Michelle Holmes (Vice-Chair), Gill Clavey (Co-Secretary), Louise Herbert

  1. Clare Werry reported on PTFA accounts for 2012/13:

    Income - £5,745
    Expenditure - £1,326
    Final balance - £11,866

    We didn't have these figures at the AGM, so they weren't reported.

    The current balance is now just under £10K, which is healthy enough, but Carole Price reported that we shall be donating around £9K to the school to buy laptops or notebooks. Once a decision has been made by Louise Herbert on what the best option for the children and school is, we shall be paying for the equipment and possibly the licenses. So that will leave us with just under £1K in the kitty. However, Kirsten Cleveland informed us that Barclays Bank will match whatever profit we make for one more event (making a total of three events this year), which is great news. Thank you Kirsten for your continuing efforts to enhance the value of our budget!
    Clare Werry will give a breakdown of what the PTFA money has gone towards in a Friday Flyer soon. Clare has suggested that she does this on a more regular and frequent basis to increase awareness on all the essential equipment and treats PTFA funds buy for our children. Thank you, Clare!
  2. Events:
    1. The Bingo evening is on Friday, 22 November at the school. Everything's in Katie Harrison's very capable hands!
    2. The Secret Gift Fayre is on Friday, 13 December - Katie Harrison will write a letter to all parents by Monday, 25 November re donating gifts for this lovely event and for the other forthcoming events - ie the nativity play raffle and children's raffle. This way, although parents will be asked to donate as many gifts as they can, it will all be done in one go, rather than asking them to do it piecemeal. It was suggested that Katie asks parents to donate the usual £1 towards gift wrapping in advance rather than on the day. Katie will need about 10 volunteers to help on the day from 12 pm onwards.
    3. The nativity play is on Monday, 16 December (afternoon and evening shows) at the Village Hall and on Wednesday, 18 December (morning show). We'll sell raffle tickets before both the shows on 16/12. There was discussion on PTFA selling mince pies and mulled wine (and soft drinks) at the Village Hall. Carole Price to ask Louise Herbert and if Louise is happy with the idea, then Gemma Rolstone has kindly agreed to buy the mince pies and drinks for the event on a 'sale or return' basis.
    4. The Christmas lunch for the children will be on Thursday, 19 December. This is organised by the school, but PTFA will pay for Christmas crackers and (non-alcoholic) drinks for the event!
    5. The children's raffle will be on Friday, 20 December. Raffle tickets will be sold on the day. Katie Harrison will again need volunteers to help sell the tickets.
    6. Gill Clavey had sent a message to say that she was happy to run a wreath-making workshop in December if there was demand for it. We agreed that it was a popular event and that we should go ahead with it if Gill can find a free date in her busy diary. Carole Price and Gill Clavey to talk to Louise Herbert before deciding on a date. Trupti Desai to see if the event could be advertised in Clyst Valley News (I discovered later that the December edition of CVN had already gone to print, so we can't advertise it there).
  3. AOB - Clare Werry to buy vinyl name stickers, which we'll stick on anything that's donated by the PTFA to the school from now on.
    There was discussion on whether we need to renew PTFA insurance. Clare Werry to investigate and insure if appropriate.
    There was a suggestion that we should look into printing Christmas cards drawn by children as a possible fundraiser for next year. Many parents do this through the Pre School every year and it's probably lost opportunity for us.
    There was also a suggestion that we should look into hiring a 'photo box' (?) for children to dress up in fancy dress / costume and then someone takes photos of them with their friends or families. We agreed that this was a great idea for the Summer Fête.
  4. The next meeting is on Wednesday, 15 January at 730 pm at the Half Moon Inn.

Calendar of events

Friday, 22 November - Bingo evening
Friday, 13 December - Secret Gift Fayre
Monday, 16 December Nativity play (afternoon and evening shows) at the Village Hall
Wednesday, 18 December Nativity play (morning show) at the Church
Thursday, 19 December Christmas lunch (for the children) at the school
Friday, 20 December - Children's raffle
Event and date tbc - Wreath-making workshop
Wednesday, 15 January '14 PTFA meeting

PTFA AGM 9th October 2013


David Stevenson (treasurer), Mirjam Koopmans, Carol Price (chair), Gemma Rolstone, Trupti Desai (Co secretary), Colin Flanagan, Sally Stevenson, Gill Clavey (co-secretary), Claire Ward, Clare Werry.


Katie Harrison, Michelle Holmes, Cathy Jermey, Steph Maynard, Sam Chandler.

  1. Treasurer's report - no report as such but PTFA account has balance of £11722.55. This appears to be healthy enough but purchasing laptops this term (along with Microsoft licenses) and other expenditure will reduce it drastically. The need to keep fundraising was noted as David pointed out the overall balance has been gradually falling over the past few years.
  2. Chairman's report - presented by Carole who reviewed the numerous events of the year and made clear how the school had benefited (and will continue to benefit) from the money raised by the PTFA and thanked everyone involved. Particular thanks went to Kirsten for arranging Barclay's match funding which has increased our income enormously. Total spent was £3570.
  3. Election of new committee
    1. Chairman - Carole is to remain in this post but wanted to make it clear that this will be her last year. (Michelle Holmes to be asked if she would like to be vice chair.)
    2. Treasurer - finally we have new treasurers: Clare Werry and Kirsten will share the post.
    3. Secretary - Trupti Desai and Gill Clavey will continue in this role.
    4. An especially warm welcome to Miryam Koopmans, Gemma Rolstone and Colin Flanagan who are new faces on the committee.
  4. AOB

    Future fundraising events
    1. School disco - 24th October - no glow sticks this time after concern over leakage last year - tickets will be on sale in advance (£2) and on the night (£2.50). Carole has letter from last year which she will amend and send out to parents. Puffins kindly providing their staff to paint hand tattoos (50p). Carole buying crisps and drinks. KS1 5.45 - 6.45. KS2 7-8PM.
    2. Katie Harrison will lead on Christmas market, children's raffle and bingo night.
    3. Possibility of school calendars being produced - two months per class. For next year, Christmas cards seemed a popular option.
    4. It was agreed that for raffles and Christmas market, a general collection would be made and the contributions allocated to each event. This would reduce the need to keep asking parents to bring in items.
    5. It was agreed to give the school £7000 for purchase of laptops and licences. The charging trolley could be the focus of fundraising for this year.
    6. Again, the need to raise the profile of the PTFA and to publicise the items we buy was discussed.
    7. Evening of Thai food - Saturday, February 1st - village hall.
    8. It was mentioned that some schools raise money by asking parents to set up standing orders so that they pay a small, regular amount to the PTFA. Gemma offered to draft a letter which could be sent out to our parents in order to generate income for our school in this way.
  5. Next meeting - Wednesday 20th November at the Half Moon, 7.30PM

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